Meet the Team

All of our team members follow a preventative approach to dental care. With qualifications from the top American, Brazilian, British and European Universities, as well as more than 35 years of practice collectively, our team members are passionate about delivering the best in oral care to fit your needs.

The real advantage of working in a practice with specialists from different dental disciplines is that we can take a team approach where necessary. Whether you're having issues with the positioning of your teeth or problems with your gums or chipped teeth, we have experts in orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and periodontology. Whatever the issue, we have an expert here who can help you.

Dr. Italo Carpes Moraes

Cosmetic Restorative Dentist

GDC No. 158279

Dr. Carol Ann (Annie) Smith

Cosmetic Restorative Dentist

GDC No. 192093

Dr. Steffen Decker

Specialist Orthodontist

GDC No. 131767

Dr. Suraj Vatish

Implant Surgeon

GDC No. 259241

Dr. Komal Suri

Implant, Restorative & Cosmetic Dentist

GDC No. 76035

Dr. David Raickovic

Specialist Orthodontist

GDC No. 290265

Dr. Adi Moran

Specialist Endodontist

GDC 160229

Dr. Izabella Romanowska

Restorative Dentist

GDC No. 281723

Dr. Maja Kekus


GDC No. 293635

Sarah MacDonald

Orthodontic Therapist

GDC No. 207580

Georgia Biggs

Treatment Coordinator

Bruna Bogo Borowicz

Dental Hygienist

GDC No. 280307

Iulia Odnorig

Dental Nurse

Magatha Lazzaris

Dental Nurse

Jolanta Monika Swiadek

Dental Nurse

GDC No. 247356

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We have combined the inside knowledge and experience of American, Brazilian, European and British dentistry to bring you the most advanced, evidence-based techniques to design a smile you will love and be empowered to maintain.

Dorina Vulpe

Treatment Coordinator

GDC No. 252589

Robiha Nazir

Dental Hygienist

GDC No. 6576

Dr. Vitor Malta

Restorative Dentist

GDC No. 191403