Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons you will have a great experience at American Smile

Multidisciplinary Team

Each treatment is an integral part of a general personalised plan as defined by a team of specialised dentists.

We believe that having a multidisciplinary team brings benefits for the preparation of the treatment plan and discussion of cases as well as for the patient’s comfort and safety.

We don’t chase time, we focus on outcomes

The average length of a dental appointment is thirty minutes. However, at American Smile we believe that it is impossible to follow correct clinical protocol in such a short time. Therefore, in order for you to have the best possible experience and outcome, we aim to ensure the allotted time to reach the set goals. For example, our oral hygiene appointments last 1 hour.

Experts in Braces

Our orthodontists Dr. Priti and Dr. David are both Platinum Level providers for the INVISALIGN Orthodontic System.

David is one of top Lingual braces providers in Europe. Patients travel from all over the world to see him for treatment.

Dr. Kimberly has over 10 years of experience and is top provider of veneers and aesthetic work in London.

Dr. Italo and Dr. Annie are holistic dentists who follow more natural dentistry movements.

We constantly upgrade our knowledge

Our dentists have a minimum of 45 hours of continuous education per year and some of our dentist are international lecturers on various topics of dentistry.

London Dental Hygiene Treatments

Best-in-Class Dental Technology

From the digital x-rays, to digital smile design, photography and digital iTero scans - we ensure our patients are provided the opportunity to enjoy the best technology available. We also offer in-house CBCT scans - this technology allows us to check the maxillary and/ or mandibular bone level, allowing for more precise planning for implant surgery.

Did you know...?

We believe that precision and quality are of utmost importance and working in loupes, in order to see what is beyond our eyesight and to ensure your treatment is faster, more relaxed and above all safer.

We guarantee your safety

Our disinfecting facilities are hospital grade, we follow 7 step protocol to ensure every instrument is sterilised and perform regular quality control checks. Equipment, doors, surfaces, floor, clothing, air; all disinfected several times a day, regardless of how long it takes.

Each surgery is properly disinfected between appointments, according to hygiene and safety recommendations. We let applied products sit for at least 10 minutes, to ensure their bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral effects.


Our Technologies

Digital X-Rays

Instead of waiting for your x-ray, you’ll be able to see instant results right on our computer screen. Our digital x-rays also mean our clients experience less exposure to radiation than traditional methods.

Digital Photography

With digital photography, our dentists can track your progress and keep a file of instant images to be used for clinical records and education. We take high-quality digital images with great attention to detail, documenting every treatment.

3D iTero scanner

This is an advanced intra-oral scanner that works by capturing thousands of pictures of the inside of your mouth, then assembling them into an incredibly accurate 3D model of your mouth, teeth and gums. This allows us to develop a precise treatment plan.

The Wand®

The Wand® is a computer-controlled local anaesthesia system that makes dental injections more comfortable and more effective than ever before. The unique, pen-like design of The Wand® gives your dentist unparalleled control, resulting in more accurate, fast-acting injections.

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We have combined the inside knowledge and experience of American, Brazilian, European and British dentistry to bring you the most advanced, evidence-based techniques to design a smile you will love and be empowered to maintain.

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