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A modern & invisible alternative to conventional braces.

Lingual braces in Chelsea, London SW3

Lingual braces at American Smile feature custom-made cast brackets that deliver maximum control and precision - and are completely hidden from sight, as they are attached at the back of the teeth. This allows people to go about their daily routine without feeling self-conscious.

The lingual system, like Incognito or Ebrace, is the only fully customised brace with a complete digital workflow - starting with a digital scan, virtual treatment planning and a digitally made bonding tray (CPT). What’s more, unlike some removable aligners, lingual braces are capable of achieving complex movements and can be used to treat mild to severe crowding, spacing and teeth that don’t meet together correctly.

Lingual Braces London

What are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces feature individually crafted brackets, which are fitted behind your teeth. They all have a unique design and fit.

The bracket bases are contoured to hug the lingual (tongue-side) surfaces of your teeth for optimal comfort and performance. They have a very low profile so they are less likely to interfere with your speech. Special custom-made archwires are precisely programmed with the patient’s unique prescription to ensure efficient and effective tooth movements.

Lingual braces are great for treating mild to complex cases. Treatment times vary from patient to patient but moderate cases can usually be completed within 12 months. More complex cases can take up to 24 months.

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Dr. Steffen Decker

Specialist Orthodontist

GDC No. 131767

The benefits of lingual braces

  • Aesthetics: While other invisible braces are available, none are as inconspicuous as lingual braces, which are hidden on the inside of your teeth and virtually undetectable from the outside.
  • Customisation: The brace is custom made for each patient to maximise comfort and ensure precise results. This is achieved by using the latest computer technology when creating the brace.
  • Time: Visible success is achieved in only a short period of time and the wires used do not require adjustments.
  • Reliable and suitable for all: Lingual braces are suitable for everyone, and they can correct all types of incorrect tooth positions.
  • Suitable for allergies: Some lingual braces (eg. Incognito) are made of hypoallergenic metal alloy - which is perfect for those who suffer from a nickel allergy.
  • Minimise discomfort: Lingual brackets are specifically shaped to minimise any potential speech problems or discomfort.
  • No post-treatment marks: Nothing is placed on the front of your teeth, ensuring you'll never have to worry about white spots or the risks of decalcification on the front surfaces of your teeth by the end of your treatment.

Your smile will not be disguised by brackets and wires too, so you can see it improving week-by-week. You’ll be surprised how much movement we can achieve throughout your treatment. It won’t be long until you’re showing off a more confident smile!

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Why choose American Smile for lingual braces?

Lingual orthodontics is a complex technique, so it’s important to see an experienced clinician to achieve the very best results. Our team in London are certified providers of Incognito braces and other lingual systems and our specialist orthodontist, Dr Steffen, is an Elite Platinum Incognito brace provider.

Dr Steffen completed his MAS of Advanced Studies in Lingual Orthodontics in Basel (Switzerland) in 2017 and was named No.1 Incognito User Worldwide that same year. He lectures nationally and internationally about lingual braces and is a key opinion leader.

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The Lingual Braces Treatment Process

  1. An initial consultation with Dr Steffen. At this appointment, he will determine your treatment plan and the length of the treatment. The treatment time varies depending on each individual patient and the amount of work required to align the teeth. Due to the advanced technology in the customised brackets, precise bracket placement and precision bent wires, your teeth will move in the most efficient manner possible. Dr Steffen will prepare all supporting documents and make an order, ensuring that your braces are custom made just for you.
  2. The lingual braces will be produced using the latest CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping and robotic technologies - fabricating the braces with your unique treatment prescription built-in.
  3. After your lingual brace is first fitted, you might find that your speech is affected for a day or two. However, practice makes perfect and it won’t take long for you to adapt and any audible difference will disappear. In fact, you’ll probably soon forget there is a brace there! The only clue will be your ever-improving smile.
  4. When it comes to the end of your treatment, we can make small adjustments to give you the very best end result.

Costs for lingual braces at American Smile

An initial consultation with Dr Steffen at American Smile costs £100*. The appointment lasts 1 hour and includes:

  • Examination
  • Pictures
  • Intra-oral scans
  • Consultation
  • Personalised treatment plan

The treatment plan, outlines the best treatment options recommended to you by Dr Steffen.

*X-rays may be required, at an additional cost of £115

The costs for lingual braces vary depending upon each individual need. However, the average price of lingual braces at American Smile is £10,995. The average price for lingual Lite braces in American smile is £6,500. Prices are based on complexity and length of the treatment.

Please contact our reception team to schedule your initial consultation with Dr Steffen.

Finance Options Available

You can split the cost of your treatment to 3,6,9,10,12 months, interest free. Following your consultation, you will discuss the most suitable option of the finance plan with our Treatment Coordinator. Financing for treatments from £3500 per treatment.
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Lingual Braces FAQs

Who can wear Lingual braces?

Lingual braces are suitable for all age groups, children, adolescents and adults who want to correct the alignment of their teeth. Your orthodontist will be glad to provide you with more information. In most cases, people choose Incognito braces as they do not want their braces to be visible for professional or aesthetic reasons.

Lingual brackets are shaped to minimise any potential speech problems or discomfort. However, lingual braces may slightly affect the speech of some patients. In general, lingual braces may take a little longer to get used to than traditional braces, and you might have a slight lisp for the first few days. But don’t worry, you’ll be more aware of it than others, and you’ll quickly adapt – we can even share some tips with you to help speed up the process.

The vast majority of your friends, family and colleagues will have no idea that you’re wearing a brace unless you tell them. However, although hidden, lingual braces aren’t invisible and if someone goes to the effort to look inside your mouth they might be able to spot your brace.

The Lingual brackets have been carefully designed to hug your teeth closely, to minimise any potential discomfort. However, your tongue is very sensitive, so anything new in your mouth is going to feel a little strange at first. To help with this we can give you some wax to cover any parts of your brace that are rubbing against your tongue.

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