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Dental Hygienist in Chelsea - A COVID-19 compliant Comprehensive Teeth Clean

Our dental hygienists at our Chelsea clinic offer a COVID-19 compliant comprehensive clean for quality stain removal. This professional dental hygiene treatment is ideal for both new patients and those who have not been to the hygienist in over six months.
The appointment includes:

  1. A hygiene assessment
  2. Manual teeth scaling to clear out the bacteria and tartar
  3. Ultrasonic clean
  4. Essential oral health checks: Oral cancer screening, Periodontal disease screening
  5. Advanced teeth health check: Tooth Decay screening with intraoral camera
  6. Personalised oral care plan: Our hygiene team will teach you efficient techniques to keep off plaque, talk you through the best products suited to your regime and show you how to maintain good dental care habits.

Dental hygiene treatment costs:
Dental hygiene assessment and clean - £125

Our COVID-19 precautionary measures include, but are not limited to:

  • A phone screening prior to your appointment
  • Personal Protective Equipment to wear throughout the practice provided by us
  • Hand sanitiser and hand washing stations in use throughout the practice
  • Clinical staff in full PPE
  • Each surgery ventilated after every patient
  • Recommended guidelines for COVID-19 dental care held to the highest standard by all members of staff
  • Screens to keep you safe and separate from our receptionists
Tooth Hygiene Treatment London
Tooth Hygiene Treatment London

Comprehensive hygiene delivered by the best hygienists in London

We understand that hygiene appointments can be daunting. Our friendly hygienists work with you to help remove plaque, tartar and dental stains which are hard to clean at home with your daily brushing and flossing. The team of dental hygienists at American Smile will help you get a professional teeth clean in no time and keep your mouth and gums healthy.

Dental hygiene sessions form a crucial part of your dental visits. These should be spaced out throughout the year to help you maintain good oral health. Our dental hygienists tailor each session and, between visits, they ask that you keep an eye on any changes such as bleeding gums. These visits may also accompany any other dental treatment you are having. We highly recommend that during any cosmetic dentistry, brace work and during pregnancy, you keep your hygiene visits as regular as quarterly.

It is essential that you continue taking care of your gums at home through good daily oral hygiene habits, as this is the most important aspect to help maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. That’s why we create personalised oral care plans for every patient we see.

Robiha Nazir

Dental Hygienist

GDC No. 6576

Special Offer

Comprehensive Hygiene TreatmentWas £125 now £75

Valid until 31st August 2020

A Comprehensive Clean with Ultrasonic

Our dental hygienists at our Chelsea clinic offer a signature clean including an AirFlow polish for stain removal. This professional dental hygiene treatment is ideal for new patients or those who haven't been to the hygienist in over six months.
The appointment includes:

  1. A hygiene assessment
  2. An ultrasonic clean to gently clear out the bacteria and tartar
  3. An AirFlow polish for that super-clean feel, stain removal and teeth-brightening effect
  4. Personalised oral care plan - Our hygiene team will teach you techniques to keep off the plaque, talk you through the best products suited to your regime and show you how to form good dental care habits.

Dental hygiene treatment costs: £150

Teeth Cleaning with Guided Biofilm

Dental biofilm - a thin layer of bacteria that covers the teeth - is the main factor in causing dental caries, gum disease and implant infections. Having this treatment helps to keep bacteria film under control.

Teeth hygiene with Guided Biofilm technology is ideal for patients who smoke, those who have bleeding gums, “bad breath” or those who require a more in-depth clean.

Cost of the treatment: £155

Biofilm Teeth Treatment London

Periodontal Clean

This treatment is specifically for patients with gum disease. You'll receive a full assessment, personally tailored oral hygiene instructions and a deep cleaning.

After the assessment, we carry out treatment of each quadrant or half of the mouth. We ensure this is as comfortable as possible for you, with the aid of any numbing agent required. We also provide you with relaxation techniques and breaks.

Periodontal Clean is a prescription based treatment, please schedule your initial consultation with one of our dentists prior Periodontal Clean booking.

Cost of the treatment: £375

Periodontal Cleaning for Teeth in London

Questions & Answers

What is Guided Biofilm Therapy?

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a new Swiss innovation that has allowed dental hygienists to enhance patient experience. Our teeth are covered in a sticky and colourless film made up of bacteria, known as biofilm. If this biofilm is not removed, it can build up around the area between the teeth and gums, resulting in gum disease (the first sign of which is bleeding gums). The bacteria in biofilm can also break down enamel when it comes in contact with sugary foods and drinks, ultimately causing tooth decay. GBT uses AirFlow technology to remove all bacteria (biofilm) in the mouth that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.

Smoking can slow down the blood flow to your gums and teeth and therefore slow down any healing. Most people who smoke may not be aware of a problem until they see their dentist or hygienist, although you are most likely to notice the yellowing of the teeth. It is recommended that you see a hygienist at least once every three months to make sure that your teeth are better protected.

During pregnancy there is an increase in hormone levels, which can lead to pregnancy gingivitis. It is advised that you visit more frequently during this time to help keep on top of your gum health.

It is recommended that you visit a dental hygienist before, during and straight after you finish your orthodontic treatment. A dental hygienist will show you correct techniques for brushing and cleaning in-between the teeth and around the braces. They will ensure any plaque or calculus is removed from the teeth and your gums are in a healthy condition.

AirFlow polish is a jet of compressed air, water and an abrasive agent that removes stains effectively and quickly. Sodium bicarbonate is often used as the abrasive agent in AirFlow polishing, but glycine (a naturally-occurring amino acid) is less abrasive, just as effective and sometimes used. Indications for use of an AirFlow polisher include extrinsic stain removal, cleaning around orthodontic appliances and periodontal pockets. Contraindications for AirFlow polish are typically individuals with upper respiratory disease, compromised immune systems, polishing powder ingredient allergies or sodium-restricted diets.

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Tatiana Nikitina
Tatiana Nikitina
22:47 18 Feb 20
I had a very pleasant experience at American smile - very detailed and professional consultation by Dr Christian Pintado who kindly... managed to see me on the day when he was fully booked. Very friendly personnel and great service with reasonable prices, not easy to find in London!read more
Diana Mift
Diana Mift
17:11 11 Feb 20
A BIG thank you to the whole team of American Smile Dentists and specifically to Lepika for an amazing and relaxing time. I never thought a... hygiene appointment can feel like a 5-Star spa experience. Highly attentive and professional staff; very clean and comforting place; central location. Everything is just Top-Notch. I am actually looking forward to my next appointment. See you all very soon! Dianaread more
Sophie Reiss
Sophie Reiss
22:09 26 Jan 20
I had a great experience at American Smile with Dr Italo. I would recommend his services and this clinic. All of my interactions with them... were professional, friendly and helpful. If you are looking for an excellent dentist who will put you at ease go and see Dr Italo is the one!read more
debbie bergantz
debbie bergantz
14:23 24 Jan 20
My visit today with Dr. Annie Smith was a very positive experience for me. She was very kind and made me feel so relaxed. Thank you!
Victoria Rifaat
Victoria Rifaat
19:08 23 Jan 20
Robiha Nazir the hygienist, is brilliant. I’m a nervous patient & she completely put me at ease, the cleaning session can almost be... described as relaxing, definitely not painful at all. The small touches of putting a lip balm on my lips before she starts work makes such a difference to the experience, no sore cracked lips! She’s extremely knowledgeable & gave me excellent tips & techniques on general dental more
Mikey Ellis
Mikey Ellis
15:59 03 Dec 19
I cannot recommend Dr. Italo enough. He is by far the best dentist I have ever met. He gave me various price options for my treatment and... I'm extremely happy with the results. He has a very friendly manner and puts you at ease during the more
Louise Gylsen
Louise Gylsen
21:37 28 Nov 19
Dr Italo is the best dentist I have had and I cycled in the worst traffic across London to come to see him. Caring and compassionate... doctor unlike many, plus highly skilled and innovative. I have been under his care since 2016 and I strongly recommend him as the most committed dentist to patient's satisfaction I have known. And I have known more
Caroline Gration
Caroline Gration
19:01 13 Oct 19
I now have the most wonderful smile, thank you! Annie and all the staff were so friendly, helpful and professional. The environment is very... luxe spa and I even got to watch a movie whilst the painless treatment was underway. I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. Thank you 🙏read more
Gabriel Oprea
Gabriel Oprea
14:17 01 Oct 19
Normally I am very anxious and worried when I go to the dentist as I had a few painful experiences in the past but today I had a great... visit at the dentist. First of all, the Clinic is fantastic, modern and the Staff were very welcoming and helpful. Dr Italo was professional and knowledgeable and made sure I was comfortable throughout the check up and treatment. Amazing experience overall and great value for the service provided!read more
Ana Nekhamkin
Ana Nekhamkin
21:12 24 Sep 19
Cannot believe this is a dental practice, feels more like an upscale spa. Gorgeous facility, incredible knowledgeable staff and very... reasonable prices. Will be coming back for sure!read more
Jessica Merulla
Jessica Merulla
20:31 21 Sep 19
I chipped my front tooth around 10 years ago. Always had it done via dentists who did not care about how my smile looked but instead just... to repaired the chipped section. I was never happy with my smile or gum line, always being extremely self conscious of smiling for photos/being up closer to people around me. I had a couple of other consultations before Italo with other dentists. One whom said a veneer would be the solution, however, I was adamant that this was not necessary. The first consultation with Italo and the team put my mind at ease and their friendly manner made the whole process a simple and stress free one. They explained every possible detail which is what I wanted, Italo was very reassuring, understanding of my insecurity and had the best possible solution. I was extremely excited to see the change in my smile! After my consultation, 2 weeks later I had my appointment. I was nervous but throughout Italo kept me involved in what was taking place. After correcting my front two teeth to be identical and contouring my gums. I must say I could not be happier with my smile!! It has given me extra confidence in every day life. For any dental work, I will be returning and I continue to recommend Italo and the team to everyone I know!! Thank you again! *photo taken straight after more
Jason C
Jason C
22:35 20 Sep 19
I accidentally chipped a tooth during the night, woke up in a panic! Was able to book an emergency appointment to have this rectified... within a couple of hours. The location is excellent, right by Sloane Square. The dental practice itself is very smart, clean and friendly. My dentist was Annie, and I highly recommend her. She couldn’t be nicer and her professionalism, depth of knowledge and expertise is outstanding. You’re sure to come out with a wonderful smile when you come here! I highly recommend this more
cara-jane Hunter
cara-jane Hunter
10:57 23 Jul 19
Outstanding in every way! Fabulous staff, superb cleaning technique. My son's teeth look fantastic after our visit. I recommend this... dentist wholeheartedly! You will not be disappointed with the experience or the more
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