Gum Treatments

Effective Treatment for Gum Disease

Periodontal treatment methods depend on the type and severity of the disease. Gum disease usually progresses slowly and painlessly, meaning it can take years for sufferers to realise there is a problem. However, the treatment is easier and less invasive when the disease is caught early.

We are offering free gum health check-ups at the moment.  During the check-up our periodontal expert, Dr Suraj, will evaluate your gums for periodontal disease and recommend the appropriate treatment. You are welcome to book a slot and check the health of your gums now.

The type of gum treatment you need depends on the stage of the infection and the amount of deterioration of your gums, teeth, supporting tissue and bone. During your gum health check-up you will receive a personalised treatment plan (if required), which will outline all the necessary steps and the type of treatments we recommend.

The early stages of gum disease may only require non-surgical treatment. At American Smile, we offer various types of gum treatments, including non-surgical and surgical procedures.

Gum Disease Treatment London

Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatments:

Periodontal Clean

You can schedule a periodontal hygiene session at American Smile.

During your periodontal clean you'll receive a full assessment, personally tailored oral hygiene instructions and a deep cleaning. We ensure this is as comfortable as possible for you, with the aid of any numbing agent requested.

Scaling & Root Planing

The most well-known type of non-surgical treatment is known as scaling and root planing - a minor procedure involving careful removal of plaque and tartar from the affected gums and a smoothing of the tooth root to remove any bacterial toxins. During this procedure your hygienist will remove harmful bacteria and irritants from deep beneath your gums to prevent plaque from accumulating again. Most patients will not need any further treatment, although we recommend visiting our hygienists regularly to maintain your oral health.

Periodontal Laser Treatments

This treatment can only be used as a supplement to Scaling & Root planning procedure. It will be very beneficial if you have inflamed or diseased gums as it helps to avoid the disease progression.

During Periodontal laser treatment we usually use an advanced laser called Biolase. It helps to disinfect disease pockets. This helps facilitate healing and helps kill bacteria that may remain.

Surgical Gum Disease Treatments:

Root surface debridement (RSD)

RSD is the process of cleaning the teeth below the gum line. This involves delicate and intricate instruments which vibrate to flush away the deposits of plaque and calculus from the tooth. It is usually performed in situations where gum disease does not respond to normal brushing and cleaning with the hygienist.

The aim is to clean deep below the gum line and remove the bacteria responsible for causing gum disease. The procedure is mostly carried out with local anaesthetic and, depending on the severity, it can be performed together with antibiotics.

RSD is normally carried over a few appointments to allow the gums to heal and respond adequately.

Peri-implantitis treatment

If a person has a dental implant and it is not maintained well, over a period of time gum disease can occur around the implant - resulting in bone loss, mobility of the implant and eventually the possible loss of the implant. This disease is called peri-implantitis.

The treatment of peri-implantitis usually involves a deep cleaning of the implant and the supporting gum around it. Further bone regeneration and gum grafting procedures may also be required if there is bone loss.

Gum grafting

If gum disease is allowed to progress over time it can result in the recession of the gums, which can make the teeth look longer, result in gaps (black triangles) between teeth and increased sensitivity. Another common cause of gum recession is if you apply a lot of pressure when brushing or by using particularly abrasive toothpastes.

The management of this problem has advanced considerably, with new ways to replace lost gum tissue. It can now be done by using unique bone substitute materials to replace the supporting structure of the gums. Furthermore, gum tissue can be surgically re-positioned and transferred from one part of the mouth (usually the palate) to another to correct these recession defects.

Gum grafting can be used to cover anything from a single tooth to multiple teeth, and it is even possible to have a full-mouth treatment for recession.

Periodontal Treatment at American Smile

  1. Periodontal consultation 
    To help ensure the very best results for our patients, each case needs to be carefully planned. This may include:

    • Screening of your gums and teeth - Photography for treatment assessment, planning and recording
    • Ask about your previous dental experiences and your expectations. He will listen to you and talk through any concerns you have.
    • Perform a screening of your gums and assess your overall gum health.
    • Perform an oral cancer screening of your lips, tongue, cheeks, palate, the floor of your mouth, and the opening of your throat. If there are any contentious signs, we will immediately refer you for a detailed assessment by a specialist. Dr Suraj will take notes on any areas of concern and discuss them with you afterwards.
    • Provide specific advice on how to keep your gums and mouth disease-free, including oral health and dietary advice. He will also provide you with a detailed treatment plan and other suggestions to give you a healthy mouth.
  2. Individual probing of periodontal pockets and detailed charting of teeth.
    This helps us to see the current detailed state of your gums. X-rays maybe taken to see your bone levels. The results of this will show us which areas need to be focused on during treatment.
  3. Treatment
    This can be scaling and root planing or surgical treatment.
  4. Review

Questions & Answers

How can lasers help treat gum disease?

Dental lasers can be used to disinfect and kill bacteria in deep pockets following root scaling and planing. It usually results in more successful outcomes of RSD.

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