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At our state of the art dental clinic in Chelsea, near Sloane Square in London, we have put exceptional care into every last detail of our practice. If you would like a smile makeover, we are the cosmetic dentist in Chelsea for you !

From our expert team of dentists to our comprehensive and innovative range of dental treatments, we have gone the extra mile to make sure you will have a wonderful experience at American Smile.

Our Chelsea dental practice has a spa-like atmosphere, the most comfortable chairs, and the friendliest staff, to help you leave with a genuine smile on your face!

Covid-19 Update
Important Information - Click Here.

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We have combined the inside knowledge and experience of American, Brazilian, European and UK dentistry to bring you the most advanced, evidence-based techniques to design a smile you will love and be empowered to maintain.

Chelsea Dentist

We take pride in providing a relaxed and soothing atmosphere, as well as delivering the highest level of dental care. We achieve this through continuous team training and development.

We uphold the highest standards of service and dentistry for our clients as their feedback is invaluable to us.

Our Dentists

We take pride in delivering a relaxed and soothing atmosphere, as well as the highest level of dental service. We achieve this through continuous team training and development. We uphold the highest standards of service and dentistry for our clients as their feedback is invaluable to us.

Expert Dentistry in Chelsea

Our number one priority is to help you achieve and maintain the smile that you love. We offer bespoke services that go beyond regular dentistry.

From dental treatments to fit your needs, to wellbeing advice; you will be getting an experience of dental care like you have never had before.

General Dentistry

American Smile is fitted with the most advanced, innovative technology in dental care, from digital X-rays, to 3D scanning- all to make your visit as relaxed and comfortable as possible. We offer a full range of restorative services such as root canal treatments, teeth extractions, fillings and crowns.

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Cosmetic Dentists

Enhancing the appearance of natural beauty requires a keen eye and attention to detail, so as your cosmetic dentist we can utilise the power of the most advanced modern treatments, such as orthodontics (braces, Invisalign), veneers or Zoom! teeth whitening to help you to achieve the smile of your dreams.

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Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants can help you to achieve a natural look and feel, if you need to replace missing teeth. We solve any issues related to the placement of implants, bridges and dentures, whilst ensuring that we are as gentle as possible for your comfort!

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Anti-ageing treatments now at American Smile! 🖤⁠

We are excited to welcome Dr. Mark Holmes to our team of natural beauty experts.⁠

He will be offering FREE aesthetic consultations during September-December months.⁠

Dr. Mark Holmes is an aesthetic and anti-ageing doctor with more than 20 years of experience and is a world renown expert on medical aesthetics, facial contouring and non surgical facelift.⁠

Dr. Holmes was trained as a plastic surgeon and it gives him a unique advantage when treating patients. His extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, allows him to achieve natural results , that look subtle, elegant and discreet.⁠

He uses the latest advances in anti-ageing medicine and cosmetic treatment to restore confidence and make each individual look and feel younger.⁠

Main problem with all cosmetic treatments and injectables – it's all about aesthetic judgement. How much is too much? After performing more then 60,000 procedures Dr Mark knows how to find that balance. ⁠



To book an appointment with Dr Holmes:⁠
👉Call us 020 3973 9266⁠
👉E-mail at⁠

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Did you know that 90% of adults in the UK have some gum disease? OMG, that's a lot...⁠

We are running free Gum Checks for anyone who is concerned about the health of their gums. There is nothing to loose, just schedule your visit, come over and have a chat to Dr.Suraj, who will check your gums and share a personalised gum health plan with you.⁠

Here are some symptoms you may notice that should raise concern:⁠

👆Bleeding gums when brushing (or even while eating)⁠
👆Red, swollen gums⁠
👆Bad breath⁠
👆Spaces appearing between your teeth⁠
👆Loose teeth or teeth moving position in your mouth⁠
👆Receding gums⁠
👆Sensitivity to cold or hot food and drink⁠

Dr Suraj’s Tips to prevent gum disease:⁠
🌟Use an electric toothbrush to brush twice a day, the most important is before bed⁠
🌟Floss before you brush your teeth⁠
🌟Use a non-alcohol based mouthwash⁠
🌟Do not eat after brushing your teeth⁠
🌟See your dentist and hygienist every 6 months for a clean and check up.⁠
🌟Don’t apply pressure on your brush⁠
🌟Look out for signs of bleeding when brushing.⁠
🌟Don’t rise after brushing your teeth.⁠

Stay healthy!! 🖤⁠

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Hello everyone! Just a short message to let you all know we are now open! 🖤⁠

Whilst we are still limited in the appointments we can offer, if you need to see us, we are now available in practice for specific procedures. we are available on the phones from 10am - 6pm or through our online booking system; if you have any problems, questions or queries please do not hesitate to call us and a member of our friendly reception team will be happy to help in any way they can. ⁠

Although our doors are open, we have made a few changes throughout the practice for the safety of our team and of course, our patients you will now be asked to fill out a risk assessment form before coming for your appointment which can be filled out online from the comfort of your own home.⁠

There are signs throughout the practice, please ensure you read and follow all measures put in place for your safety. We hope you and your family have stayed healthy and happy throughout this awful and peculiar time and as a team we are so excited to welcome you all back to American Smile practice.⁠


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Racism, hatred, injustice and inequality have no place in our world. We stand in solidarity with the Black community - our patients, our followers, employees and neighbours. 🖤

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COVID-19 update: Our American Smile clinic is open. And we have introduced some new safety measures to ensure that you can continue to receive safe dental services:⁠

What we did:⁠
🖤New COVID-19 practice policy is implemented and all clinicians follow The Public Health England guidance on COVID-19 precocious ⁠
🖤A new telephone script is implemented to screen for potential symptoms/concerns before the appointment ⁠
🖤A notice board is at the reception states the information on COVID-19. All patients can read/screen symptoms before the appointment⁠
🖤Hand sanitisers are available for you at any time⁠
🖤All commonly used areas are wiped with disinfectant thoroughly at least twice a day. These include all door handles around the reception, lift buttons, card machines, etc. ⁠
🖤All non-essentials (eg magazines) are removed from the waiting areas to reduce the cross-contamination risk⁠
🖤We provide masks for the patients who request a face mask⁠
🖤Our hours of operation are reduced to avoid the rush hour - to maintain the safety of our patients and our staff ⁠

What can you do?⁠
Of course, you – our fantastic patients – can help enormously. We don’t want to preach about maintaining good personal hygiene, everyone has heard enough of that already! However, other small things can really help too. For example:⁠
🖐Wash hands thoroughly immediately when you come to the clinic and after your appointment;⁠
🖐If you’ve been exposed to someone you know to have COVID-19 symptoms, be cautious and self-isolate for the recommended period⁠
🖐Look after your immune system by eating and drinking sensibly during this outbreak ⁠

We will ensure that American Smile is a place in which you can continue to safely have your dental treatment. ⁠

Friends, family and community spirit are critical at times like this. As we rise to this challenge, we thank you for your understanding and support! ⁠

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Our awesome Dr.Annie was invited to The Waiting Room podcast to talk all things dental! Check her interview and let us know what do you think! 🖤

Posted @withregram • @anniesmithsmiles Podcast debut this morning for The Waiting Room with @dralexgeorge @ameliakabath @podcastpenny @americansmile_

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What Can A Dentist Tell You About Your Overall Health?⁠

More than you might think...⁠

Most people consider teeth and gums as separate from other aspects of personal health, yet they are more connected to serious health conditions that you might realize.⁠

Good dental health is a reflection of good health overall. That is because the mouth is a gateway to the rest of our body. It is how we breathe and nourish our bodies. It is also a major source of contracting infection, from the air, or from what we eat.⁠

A routine dental exam may reveal unknown problems with your bones, heart, blood sugar, or digestion because certain warning signs live inside your mouth. ⁠

So, visiting our dental team for a check-up is not only good for your dental health but your overall health too 🖤⁠

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American Smile Dentists
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Tatiana Nikitina
Tatiana Nikitina
22:47 18 Feb 20
I had a very pleasant experience at American smile - very detailed and professional consultation by Dr Christian Pintado who kindly... managed to see me on the day when he was fully booked. Very friendly personnel and great service with reasonable prices, not easy to find in London!read more
Diana Mift
Diana Mift
17:11 11 Feb 20
A BIG thank you to the whole team of American Smile Dentists and specifically to Lepika for an amazing and relaxing time. I never thought a... hygiene appointment can feel like a 5-Star spa experience. Highly attentive and professional staff; very clean and comforting place; central location. Everything is just Top-Notch. I am actually looking forward to my next appointment. See you all very soon! Dianaread more
Sophie Reiss
Sophie Reiss
22:09 26 Jan 20
I had a great experience at American Smile with Dr Italo. I would recommend his services and this clinic. All of my interactions with them... were professional, friendly and helpful. If you are looking for an excellent dentist who will put you at ease go and see Dr Italo is the one!read more
debbie bergantz
debbie bergantz
14:23 24 Jan 20
My visit today with Dr. Annie Smith was a very positive experience for me. She was very kind and made me feel so relaxed. Thank you!
Victoria Rifaat
Victoria Rifaat
19:08 23 Jan 20
Robiha Nazir the hygienist, is brilliant. I’m a nervous patient & she completely put me at ease, the cleaning session can almost be... described as relaxing, definitely not painful at all. The small touches of putting a lip balm on my lips before she starts work makes such a difference to the experience, no sore cracked lips! She’s extremely knowledgeable & gave me excellent tips & techniques on general dental more
Mikey Ellis
Mikey Ellis
15:59 03 Dec 19
I cannot recommend Dr. Italo enough. He is by far the best dentist I have ever met. He gave me various price options for my treatment and... I'm extremely happy with the results. He has a very friendly manner and puts you at ease during the more
Louise Gylsen
Louise Gylsen
21:37 28 Nov 19
Dr Italo is the best dentist I have had and I cycled in the worst traffic across London to come to see him. Caring and compassionate... doctor unlike many, plus highly skilled and innovative. I have been under his care since 2016 and I strongly recommend him as the most committed dentist to patient's satisfaction I have known. And I have known more
Caroline Gration
Caroline Gration
19:01 13 Oct 19
I now have the most wonderful smile, thank you! Annie and all the staff were so friendly, helpful and professional. The environment is very... luxe spa and I even got to watch a movie whilst the painless treatment was underway. I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. Thank you 🙏read more
Gabriel Oprea
Gabriel Oprea
14:17 01 Oct 19
Normally I am very anxious and worried when I go to the dentist as I had a few painful experiences in the past but today I had a great... visit at the dentist. First of all, the Clinic is fantastic, modern and the Staff were very welcoming and helpful. Dr Italo was professional and knowledgeable and made sure I was comfortable throughout the check up and treatment. Amazing experience overall and great value for the service provided!read more
Ana Nekhamkin
Ana Nekhamkin
21:12 24 Sep 19
Cannot believe this is a dental practice, feels more like an upscale spa. Gorgeous facility, incredible knowledgeable staff and very... reasonable prices. Will be coming back for sure!read more
Jessica Merulla
Jessica Merulla
20:31 21 Sep 19
I chipped my front tooth around 10 years ago. Always had it done via dentists who did not care about how my smile looked but instead just... to repaired the chipped section. I was never happy with my smile or gum line, always being extremely self conscious of smiling for photos/being up closer to people around me. I had a couple of other consultations before Italo with other dentists. One whom said a veneer would be the solution, however, I was adamant that this was not necessary. The first consultation with Italo and the team put my mind at ease and their friendly manner made the whole process a simple and stress free one. They explained every possible detail which is what I wanted, Italo was very reassuring, understanding of my insecurity and had the best possible solution. I was extremely excited to see the change in my smile! After my consultation, 2 weeks later I had my appointment. I was nervous but throughout Italo kept me involved in what was taking place. After correcting my front two teeth to be identical and contouring my gums. I must say I could not be happier with my smile!! It has given me extra confidence in every day life. For any dental work, I will be returning and I continue to recommend Italo and the team to everyone I know!! Thank you again! *photo taken straight after more
Jason C
Jason C
22:35 20 Sep 19
I accidentally chipped a tooth during the night, woke up in a panic! Was able to book an emergency appointment to have this rectified... within a couple of hours. The location is excellent, right by Sloane Square. The dental practice itself is very smart, clean and friendly. My dentist was Annie, and I highly recommend her. She couldn’t be nicer and her professionalism, depth of knowledge and expertise is outstanding. You’re sure to come out with a wonderful smile when you come here! I highly recommend this more
cara-jane Hunter
cara-jane Hunter
10:57 23 Jul 19
Outstanding in every way! Fabulous staff, superb cleaning technique. My son's teeth look fantastic after our visit. I recommend this... dentist wholeheartedly! You will not be disappointed with the experience or the more
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